Public Sex Extreme

By | September 17, 2011

dpAlex and I over the years we have been an item have had sex in all manner of places some unusual, others mundane and ordinary. I recall one occasion when we were first together, waiting until his parents had gone to bed and fucking in the kitchen.

He lifted me on to the worksuface and removed my panties, then fucked me there and then. I was obviously slightly distracted by the thought of one of his parents walking in for a glass of water and finding us at it but they didn’t. lol

We have fucked outside many times and in lots of different places, the thought of the possibility of someone finding us adding to the excitement. I’ve also wanked him off in a busy supermarket carpark. And in a car with his parents in the front and us in the rear seat.

But I have never been tempted to make out in a skip like one of the Big Brother contetstants confessed to a few years ago. I know sometimes desire can overrule sensibility but that one take some beating. 😉

Where is the most unusual place you have screwed?