Eating Out A Porn Star!

By | September 19, 2011

Jordan KingsleyOK, that should read, eating out with a porn star.  Lol

Two nights before we left for Amsterdam we had the pleasure of dining with one of my favourite female porn stars.  We’ve been trying to hook up with her for some time now.

As she lives in the States we only had the option to meet up if she came over to the UK within commutable distance for it to be viable for us all.

Well last night was like having an explosive orgasm after days of tense build up when we finally met her outside the restaurant.  At first we didn’t recognise her (she had her clothes on.  Lol) because there were a group of people outside, part of a wedding party.

We all hugged kissed and said how glad we were that this visit we finally got chance to meet up, then disappeared inside to the bar.

I must say that Jordan Kingsley was every bit as nice as she come across on social networking.  She is warm and friendly and of course gorgeous and with a body to die for which is 100% home grown. 😉

Following a night of good food and excellent company we all parted but not before taking some shots of her.  Jordan insisted on being photographed with something truly British, hence the bottle of Theakstone’s in her hand.

When she started to show a little more cleavage the guy behind the bar became a little flustered and moved up the other end of the bar proclaiming that he wasn’t looking.  Think he may have been gay.  Lol

One thing is for sure we will be meeting up again for sure.