Get That Off You`ve Pulled

By | September 19, 2011

Hot On StairsBeing a bit of a spend thrift I don’t tend to buy many designer clothes and furthermore don’t feel the need to define myself by the labels I wear.  Instead you will find me fingering the clothes in Marks & Spencer and even in the local supermarket.

Yes, I did say supermarket!  The quality of clothing in Sainsbury’s in particular, mainly because I shop there on a regular basis, has improved over the years.  That and the fact that this weekend saw the store slash prices by 25% urged me to buy a new top which caught my eye.

I spotted it on the rail and pushed the trolley to outside the changing rooms where it and Alex waited whilst I tried it on.  Or at least I thought that was the plan.  Lol

When I emerged from the changing room to show Alex he was nowhere to be seen.  I immediately felt deflated at him not being there to cast his opinion and the look of disappointment on my face as I discovered there was nobody there to show my top to must have shown on my face.

It was then I heard a voice say “that looks good on you”.  I turned to see who had remarked on my top and it was a woman who appeared to be around my age wearing a kind smile.  “Thanks”, I replied with a reciprocal smile.

At that moment she was ushered in to the free changing room next to mine and the encounter was over but for a moment I felt an attraction.  Even now I don’t know what it was but she just gave me a good vibe.

I felt like hanging around outside but that would have been a bit creepy so I wandered off to find Alex and now wish I had waited…