Sex And The Succubus Amongst Other Sexual Fantasies

By | September 20, 2011

VampWhat is sexy in horror?

I’ve touched on this before and anyone who’s read any of my fiction will know that I have a thing for vampires and the odd succubus. I don’t think it’s uncommon for horror themes to impinge on sexuality and sexual fetishes. There are however some aspects of horror and superstition that work in a sexual sense and other which don’t.

Of course it’s different for everyone and I’m sure that I have relatively conservative and “mainstream” horror-erotic tastes; Vampires, goth chicks, naught daemons etc, all do it for me. Whereas zombies do not get my juices going, no thank you to golems and bloody gut fests, they may be good for a laugh and jump out of your seat thrills but they will not get my trouser snake moving.

For me I suppose it’s the extreme versions of humanity itself that vampires and daemons represent. They are either representative of, and/or driven by a narrow subset of human motivations, often personifying certain aspects of the human psyche, or they are flawed in way that we all are – just to the extreme. They are powerful yet ultimately tragic and therefore potent and dangerous.

I suppose too that they are simply exotic, different and out of the ordinary in the way that human beings struggle to be now. In a connected world even people from distant countries have much more in common and a greater knowledge of each others societies than they had only a few years ago. The mythological creatures which have evolved out of thousands of years of human folklore are still unusual and unlike anything we encounter in daily life and that is their enduring appeal.

Anyone else out there got a favourite sexy horror genre?

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