Bang A Gong, Get It On

By | September 20, 2011

Huge CockI was watching a few music videos on You Tube last night and found a comment that I felt betrayed the age of the author “I will always love this song”. OK, I thought, that’s nice, I like it too. But do you imagine that someone is going to come in the middle of the night and take your love of this particular track away? LOL

When you’re young and experience means you’ve tried something twice then the rest of your life stretches away in front of you like a never ending road. You can also think that you’ve found the best music that there will ever be and the love of your life is the girl you met last week.

Ah, the innocence.

Music and sex are very linked in my mind and therefore very similar. My advice to anyone who thinks that they will never hear better music or that the relationship and sex they are having at the moment is the best they will ever have is to think again. Nobody will take away your love of your favourite track, nobody will remove the memory of your first love or your enjoyment of sex.

What will happen is that you will mature and your tastes will too. If you have a long term partner then more than likely you will grow together and appreciate more and more of the sweet experiences life has to offer.

Looking back you will still love the music and memories of the intimacy you and your partners had together, just with the benefit of experience.

Just as I did when listening to Roxette’s “Listen To Your Heart” and realised that the music is now a classic rock balad, but the three key changes in the middle eight make it a pure vintage 1980’s classic.

Nobody is going to suck the music or the sex right out of you, unless you want them to. LOL