Horny Girls, Is That What You Want?

By | August 13, 2008

During the so called sexual revolution of the 1960s attitudes towards sex did change. Whether that benefited women, or indeed men is a matter that is debateable. Change is not always for the better, especially when it is inequitable between the different groups involved. In this case men and women.

Both sexes have sexual urges and drives. Both have differing emotional aspirations and attitudes towards the opposite sex and their own sex. Each sex has a different role to play in all aspects of their interaction with other human beings of either gender.

This is why I’m highly suspicious of any “philosophy” that claims to liberate everyone. You can take that as mean the sexual revolution liberating “everyone” or the women’s liberation movement. What exactly was burning your bra supposed to prove anyway?

I can only look back on the sexual revolution from what I see in the history books – or because of the advances in media in the last 40 years, on TV and the Internet. What I see is people exploring what’s possible and in many cases getting it wrong. It’s the same with radical feminism. Yes there were and still are injustices against women but at its extreme feminism seems to demonise all men and would in some cases choose to emasculate men.

I ask you, what is the point of a man who is no longer a man if you’re a heterosexual woman? For that matter if free love is the norm can any man ever develop emotionally enough to be anything other than a donor of sperm.

OK, OK a bit extreme I grant you but my point is here that no matter how pure the initial motivation for a trend or movement extreme interpretation of even the most laudable aims leads to trouble.

Take the trend for women (read young girls there if you wish) to express their natural and often rapacious sexual urges without any reference to relationships or in some case safe sexual behaviour.

I like a strong, horny woman who knows what she wants as much as the next man. However replacing skirt-chasing, commitment-shy blokes with a female equivalent will do nothing to improve the way in which men and women interact, forge relationships and eventually enter into long term partnerships.

True liberation is the freedom to be hot, horny and demanding when you want to be, but not to feel that you have to prove to anyone that you’re your own person by becoming one of the herd.

Sexuality comes in so many different forms, but even having been exposed to innumerable varieties of sexual preference over the years I still can’t see serial drunken stranger shagging as anything but nihilistic.