Long And Hard Or Fast And Furious Sex

By | September 21, 2011

CoupleSexual sophistication increases with age. Well it does if you are doing it right. Just getting all the plumbing to work together when you start out is a challenge but we all get the hang of it, more or less, after a while.

It’s then that you start to realise that all those things that you thought you knew about sex before you actually had sex were not necessarily accurate, or enjoyable, or objectionable, or in any way like you thought they’d be. There’s only one way to find out what you like in the bedroom (or car, or anywhere else) and that’s to try it.

Leaving everything else to one side there’s a misconception that pervades the pre-sexual stage of any group of young people – duration. It goes without saying that nobody wants to cum too soon. A hasty climax and disappointing floppiness before your partner is satisfied is not usually desirable. So the conclusion usually derived from this is that vigour and duration of sex is everything.

Your sex life will be a lot richer when you realise that this is not necessarily the case. If sex is always wild, vigorous and lasts for an hour the novelty soon wears thin. Indeed it’s rare that two people always want to fuck the same way every single night. We all have different mood and differing energy levels. Sometimes we want a gentle comforting screw and other times a marathon gymnastic sex session.

Even caviar gets boring if you eat it every day.