Real Live Skull Fuck

By | September 21, 2011

Folk BandMore from our trip to Mister B …

The band assembled at the rear of the warehouse under the gantry and struck up a very catchy tune.  It sounded like a blend of Moroccan and folk music which made you want to get up and dance but I wasn’t about to make a fool of myself I hadn’t had that much to drink.  Lol

Everyone was toe tapping to the rhythm and then I noticed activity above us on the mezzanine floor.  A St Andrew’s cross was being set up in the central loading bay.  For some reason my heart began to quicken and I started to feel a little excited.  😉

I was multi tasking, trying to keep up conversation with several new acquaintances whilst keeping the corner of my eye focused on what was happening above.  Then appeared a couple of leather clad girls the one in the basque and trousers wielding the paddle and the scantily clad girl the sub.

We all watched intensely as the Domme ran her nails over the buttocks of her sub leaving red trails in her wake.  The sub squirmed and writhed with exquisite pleasure as her Mistress teased her.  Then the barbed paddle came out and her ass cheeks glowed as they started to redden with the strokes.

Being a switch I felt the urge to intervene and show them both how I would have played out the scene because it didn’t quite hit the spot for me but then again they were performing before a group of people they didn’t know.

The scene left me feeling I needed to be sated and I didn’t have to wait too long…

…I was happily talking to someone at our table when the next act appeared.  Expecting nothing particularly exciting I continued talking but was halted in my tracks when two guys appeared and one sank to his knees.

Both were recognisably Mister B employees but I didn’t expect them to engage in such a manner.  Tony stood proudly with his cock now released from his trousers.  That’s when Tom Tom DaMighty dropped to his knees taking us all by surprise.  😉

He took hold of Tony and started to wank him off.  I must have been stood there with my mouth open never having seen a live sex act before let alone between two guys.  Joke pointed out to me that the guy was straight too which made it even naughtier.

I shouted over to Alex who was engaged in conversation to take some shots and as you can see he managed to capture the moment perfectly.  It was quite a spectacle and certainly made the event a memorable one.  lol