My Boobs Got In The Way

By | August 13, 2008

Busty is not the world’s best cook at least not in confectionary department. She once made some mufflapsÔ, for the uninitiated these were the efforts of her baking the night before which she brought to work the following day for Horny and I to sample.

These were an amalgamation of cake mix and and flapjack, all her own recipe. I must say they were certainly unlike anything I had tasted before.

Well, she had Horny over last week for dinner and made a curry, which by all accounts was quite nice. Then she decided to make some fruit cookies, which she brought to work the following day for me to sample. All I can say is they were tasty but very chewy for some reason, I didn’t dare ask what she used up to make them I thought it was best not to know.

Anyway, Horny apparently took over a couple of bottles of wine and before they knew it they were both wasted. Horny ended up getting a taxi home because she couldn’t possibly drive and Busty apparently slept fully dressed on top of her bed. Lol

The alarm abruptly woke Busty the following morning and she said she was running round the house like a mad woman trying to get ready after turning it off and going to sleep again. She said she collected up her wet towel from the shower, clothes from the previous night to put in the linen basket. Busty then realised that she couldn’t hold her mobile too so she slipped it in to the cup of her bra and hurried downstairs.

After rushing down a cup of coffee and a slice of toast she gathered up her handbag and car keys and then remembered she hadn’t got her mobile. She apparently spent the next 10 minutes trying to find it.

In the end she had to call her mobile from her home telephone. She had Horny and me in hysterics as we visualised her bra playing her ringtone. 🙂 See it can be a problem having FF sized boobs! 😉