Hand Jobs And Retro Fucks

By | September 21, 2011

SexyBeing young and carefree is great for all sorts of reasons, especially sex. You have boundless enthusiasm, energy and every encounter is a new experience making every new partner exciting and totally different from the last. So with that in mind how about this, an amalgam of some of the experiences from my youth …

“When she realised from my pained expression and short, sharp breathing that could wait no longer she quickened her pace again and only slowed slightly when I cried out “I’m cumming!” so that she could direct the sticky white eruption across my stomach and chest. Jess wasn’t finished. No sooner had the hot liquid finished squirting from my cock she started to lick it up, careful to ensure I could see her lapping the cum from my skin and watching me latching her.

When she had finished the job with fastidious session of licking and sucking at my softening penis she kissed me. Her tongue tasted of me and we enjoyed the most  intimate of kisses before curling up together in bed.”

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