Selling Sex

By | August 14, 2008

As I lay in bed freshly fucked watching the start of Dragons Den an idea occurred to me. Do you think the dragons would invest in my latest sex toy idea? Furthermore would I even make it through the preliminary stages of the show?

After all this is not a new kind of wire tie or a shopping attachment for a buggy. This would be a revolutionary new adult toy for a girl designed by a girl, with nothing else like it on the market. Would they be interested in investing in something viable but totally different? Indeed would they be able to let me pitch it on the show?

If this programme is truly based on entrepreneurial spirit then the answer to these questions should be yes. But in practical terms, would they really back something so obscure as a new sex toy? I’m not so sure, after all this is mainstream television and this would be something completely at odds with the normal investment opportunity.

That said…it does have wings. Now does anyone have Theo Paphitis‘ telephone number? 😉

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