Porn With A Plot

By | September 22, 2011

FuckedI really do despair at some pornography. I mean I know it’s not going to be Oscar winning material but really the lack of imagination displayed in some productions is staggering. An endless stream of the same old positions, blow jobs, anal, ATM … yada yada yada. It isn’t erotic. I’d find it difficult to have a wank to some of the dross that comes out of some studios now.

Thankfully there are some studios that seem to understand that not all consumers are 18 years old, male and looking to cum in about three minutes. They realise that if not a full-blown story then they should at least provide the viewer with a context within which to view the scene or scenes. We don’t need Dostoyevsky but sexuality isn’t all about getting hard and getting off. I want to feel that the people involved arrived at the scene from somewhere and had a life before. They were not spontaneously created from the ether and materialised fully formed cocks to attention and pussies waiting to be filled just as the cameras rolled.

All media is a fiction so don’t argue that porn is a fiction too. All fiction has to feel as if it could be real, even if we know it cannot actually be true. Take Alice and her trip down the rabbit hole. Her experiences are fantastic, magical and unbelievable. But we want to believe them and allow ourselves to do so because of two things. Firstly because they set us free from the mundane and expected and secondly because there is enough reality in them to make belief an acceptable deceit.

I have had some pretty amazing experiences in my life but never once has a women I have never met before been waiting in a room to strip for me, suck my cock and then beg me to fuck her up the ass. Frankly if that did happen I’d probably run a mile. I mean what sort of person solicits rough anal sex from a total stranger on a first date and doesn’t insist on a condom. That sort of scenario leaves me totally cold.

In my life I have encountered any number of amazing preludes to sexual encounters the sum of which would keep a porn studio going for years with fresh and interesting cut scenes to give their productions some context and therefore depth. So why do some (and again I stress not all) porn studios and producers insist on a format of 6 scenes per DVD of exactly the same scene, just with different girls.

“Because it sells!”  I hear the adult industry shout. OK, it does. But so do tins of baked beans. No matter how much you like beans one day you will get sick of them and yearn for something different, exciting and  new. Once you have one of these dull and dreary porn movies there’s no need to buy another because they are all the same. If more of the porn industry tried a little bit harder they would sell a lot more product.

Doesn’t that make commercial sense.