Good Sucking And Nasty Cum Shots

By | September 23, 2011

Cum On TongueI have a thing about images of fellatio. No, I don’t mean I look for them all the time, in fact I normally avoid looking for them.


Well I find most of them are not arousing, or in any way appealing. I think the problem is that most of them are pornographic and I want to look at cock sucking where sensuality and enjoyment is the primary feeling conveyed by the image.

Yes during sex I might want to be less than gentle, if my partner feels the same, but for some reason, probably the amount of crap blowjobs I’ve seen in porn I don’t enjoy looking at that sort of fellatio.

Do you have similar feelings about the depiction of sex acts. I don’t mean necessarily that you are totally against one thing or another, jut that you find certain depictions of sex just don’t turn you on?