Cool Menthol Ass Torture

By | August 14, 2008

Pin HeadWe don’t do figging, it’s not something that’s ever appealed to us. The thought of sticking something inside a delicate orifice that’s liable, no not liable, intended to burn is not very appealing. We are to a certain extent cenobites (in the Hellraiser sense), but not quite in the Pinhead sense “Explorers in the further regions of experience daemons some angels to others”. We don’t hell-raise as often as we used to.

So it came as bit of a shock when I got a mild, self-administered figging last night. I was having a shower and while washing my hair I over-did it with the shampoo, causing a large amount of undiluted shampoo to dribble into the crack of my arse and because I was moving around in the shower that blob of shampoo seemed to find its way just inside my ass.

What a tingling blue-white surprise that was! The shampoo is a menthol one, which I like as it has a bit of zing to it. Well when it finds it’s way up your arse it has a lot of zing to it. My ring is still buzzing now!

Not an experience I’m likely to repeat in a hurry and certainly not one that I found at all sexually arousing. But an educational one all the same.

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