Fisting Well, You Did Ask ;)

By | August 14, 2008

We haven’t had much chance to chat at work lately, far too busy. I hate it when it’s all work and no play and we have all been feeling the pressure. So, it was nice to have a little chat when I returned from my lunch break.

I’m still reading my book Concertina and loving every page, it’s a shame that I don’t get longer than half an hour to read it but by the time I have driven to the greasy spoon, placed my order and eaten my sandwich, that’ all the time I have left.

I’m now in to the nitty gritty of the book with situations and scenarios with clients being described. Very interesting and hard to put down so that I can drive back to work. 😉

Today when I got back Busty asked me how I was going on with my book and I told her that it had become very interesting and absorbing and that now she was explaining the various acts she carries out with some of her clients.

She seemed extremely interested so I went on to tell her that today I had been reading about one of her clients asking to be fisted. Busty remarked that it was a good job they had eaten, giggling but with an eager look in her eye to learn more.

Horny remarked “My cousin likes that. It’s not for me though”.

Both Busty and I turned round to explain the procedure to her and she was taken by surprise adding that she meant she likes anal. We both laughed, she can be so innocent sometimes. I went on to add more details…”She was wearing two pairs of rubber gloves and managed to get her arm in to midway between wrist and elbow”. They both cringed.

“I don’t think I could do it”, remarked Horny. But when I pointed out that you could earn in the region of £2.50 per minute for applying clothes pegs to a guys genitals and nipples, she came round a little.

I got the impression the Busty could do it, she was very quietly taking it all in and weighing it up you could hear the thoughts going through her head. And I for one would be at the front of the queue if ever she decided to become a Domme. 😉

Do you ever get the feeling that you are educating your colleagues and how will they perceive the education? Lol

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