One Large Butt Plug And A Blow Job Please

By | September 24, 2011

Mister BOur friends Joke and Stefanie had leant us their rail cards so that we could attend Mister B’s open day and barbeque.  It was relatively easy to locate the correct train, hop off following a ten minute ride and locate the warehouse which was clearly visible from the train platform.

This was the event we had been waiting for with the promise of a traditional act and something naughtier to follow.  Oh and lots of free drinkies and a BBQ.

When we arrived in the large airy warehouse things were already bustling and we were immediately greeted by the very lovely Joke who gave us drinks and offered us a nibble.   Oooh, you dirty people out there an sandwich for lunch.  Lol

My eyes scanned the building as we were lead to the buffet area.   There were some really naughty posters scattered here and there and a nice display of some of their latest products and I couldn’t wait to take a look around the building.

But food first.  We sat and finished our lunch whilst listening to some great sounds from the 80’s blasting out and setting the scene for later.  Joke excused herself, ever the professional she had duties to attend to but she left us in the capable hands of Leerndert who was such a sweetie.

We were taken on a tour of the offices and then the fun part, around the stock.  You have never seen anything like some of the products on offer at Mister B, they have everything from a small butt plug to a gas mask and quite literally everything in between.  Kink is their middle name.  😉

The whole operation was smooth and efficient, whilst being a totally personal service with each member of staff being proficient in their particular role.  No automation here each order is picked by hand.

I couldn’t help but take a glance in to the boxes on the racking to check out the contents whilst Leendert selected some of the most interesting products to show us.  Then we reached the leather and latex area and my nose was immediately filled with the heady aroma of hide.  The hairs on my arms stood up as he pulled back the protective curtain to reveal some really high quality fetish wear.

After perusing the whips, paddles and other naughty paraphernalia we returned to our table downstairs and mingled with the other guests and press before the floor show began…