Anal Mistress

By | August 15, 2008

DominatrixYesterday afternoon we started to wind down for the weekend at work. I know it was only Thursday but we deserved it and lets face it nobody else is going to reward us for our hard work.

I mentioned that my book was becoming more interesting by the day and that one of the clients was a priest who was in to feminisation. Of course I had to explain this to both Busty and Horny because they had no idea what it was.

Ears were pricked and I continued to tell them that he liked being fucked (well, I didn’t use that word) up the ass by his Mistress wearing a strap on.

At this point Horny piped up “I couldn’t do it”.
“Do what?” I replied.
“Be a dominatrix” she added
“Do you know what she was earning for fulfilling these men’s fantasies?”, I enquired knowing that she wouldn’t have a clue
“No…how much?”, she was becoming more inquisitive now
“There is mention in the book of one of her clients paying £2.50 per minute”, I informed her
Well, at that point she got the calculator out and started to key in figures Lol
“How many did she have in one day?”, she asked eagerly
“She tries to book in between 4 & 6 clients per day”, I replied
“Bloody hell…you know how much her potential earning were per day” she said as she calculated the daily, weekly and annual intake possibilities.
“Could you do it now?”, I asked
“I don’t think so”, she responded
“I’m sure I would be able to give it a go for that kind of money”, added Busty.

You all know what I suggested next don’t you. I said “We have all been discussing setting up in our own business, how about we open our own dungeon?”

Busty smiled and Horny shook her head.

Truth is I really am considering it…

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