Bringing Out The Dominatrix In Me

By | September 26, 2011

Amsterdam DungeonI’ve already written about my visit to Mister B in Amsterdam and the wonderful BBQ and entertainment we were treated to in previous posts.  What I haven’t done is tell you about the wonderful people we met whilst we were there.

We were interviewed for a European magazine feature and spoke to several people including the owners of a very nice adult store in the central area.  We were reliably informed by an insider that they had a vey nice dungeon you could hire too.

So you will never guess where we ventured off to the following day.  You got it!  Lol

We practically stumbled on the shop as we tried to navigate our way through the centre.  When we walked in it was like an Aladin’s cave of fetish products.  The walls were lined with toys of every description and jeanre, even the ceiling had whips and BDSM paraphinalia suspended from it.

There were gags, cuffs, shackles and sex toys everywhere.  And there in the middle of the left hand wall at the very bottom was a small clearing which was occupied.  My eyes came to fall on the most beautiful grey cat with large round green eyes.

I went in for a stroke and kitty backed off so I left him to his own devices.  Best not try stroking kitties when they don’t want to be, not unless you are in to lacerations.

The proprietors were stood at the bottom of the shop at the counter, barely visible through the swathe of naughty bits and pieces.  We made our way over to say hello.  They remembered us and despite not being very conversant in English were far better at it than we were Dutch.

If you find yourself in Amsterdam walking along the Oudebrugsteeg look out for “Smart” fetish and fantasy shop and allow yourself plenty of time to look around their wide range of products.

But I wanted to see something else, something naughtier, The Playroom.

Amsterdam DungeonI asked the woman behind the counter where their dungeon was and she asked if I wanted to take a look whilst reaching for a set of keys.  She lead us out of the shop and next door.  Once the door was opened we were greeted by a steep set of Amsterdam style stairs which we climbed behind her and she opened the door at the top of the stair.

She left us to look around the newly decorated and refurbished Playroom which resembled a functional boudoir with its crystal chandelier and drapes.  Then you noticed that this was more than that.

The room was well equipped with benches, stocks, queening chair and even a hoist for suspension.  Unlike other dungeons I have visited this was a perfect blend of erotic and fetish not at all scary but warm and welcoming and most definitely kinky.

I wished I got time to savour its delights.  After looking round I walked across the polished wooden floor towards the kitchen area, which was well appointed and clean and in to the back room where even more kink awaited.

Amsterdam DungeonThere mounted in the middle of the small anti room was a medical fetish area complete with gynaecological chair.  This place is a haven for kinksters of every persuasion and even if you just want to have a bit of kinky fun.  Then again if you want some heavy duty BDSM you will also be at home.

The whole set up was clean, friendly and atmospheric and I just wished we had something like it local to us.  I could see Alex weighing up the possibilities and the smile playing on his face from across the room.

It was time to leave before I asked him to pop next door and purchase a paddle…

Seriously guys you should pay a visit to Smart at 10 Oudebrugsteeg, 1012 JP, Amsterdam and ask about the “Playroom”.  😉  You can also visit them online here.