Fellatio With Kick Backs

By | September 28, 2011

Sexy SilhouetteAlex went down on me and I writhed as his tongue went to work on my clitoris.  It felt good to feel the velvety pressure of his tongue upon my swollen clitoris as I played with my pert nipples.

I matched each lap of my swollen bud with a firm pinch of my nipples.  They were now hard and very sensitive to my touch.

As Alex lapped and sucked upon my labia I felt the blood surge making me pout for his attention.  A tingle was felt between my legs as his tongue worked its magic on my clit and vaginal opening.  He knew how to get my attention and I wanted to give some lurve back.

By now I was buzzing on an intimate level and I became aware of my state of wetness, my thighs were dripping, my clit throbbing as I made my way between his legs.

As I edged down the bed I placed my hands either side of his thighs and he parted them, aiming to raise them over my head but misjudged my proximity to his groin and caught me a swift blow to the right cheek as he lifted his leg.

This resulted in him glancing me a blow across my right cheek and me giving a moan of displeasure.  My cheek seemed to glow in the darkness of the room.  A strange feeling being aroused but hurt at the same tine.  Lol

Not wanting this to put us off we started to fuck, me with my legs wrapped around his back whilst pinching my own nipples.  Just moments later I was coming and making no secret of it as he fucked me from the side.

The cold moisture ran over my thighs as I became aware of my predicament, I had squirted and my pussy was soaked and my bedding.  At the same time the right side of my face started to feel warm.

I’m waiting to see the outcome, hopefully it will be uneventful.  😉