Tit Wanks And Waterfalls Of Cum

By | September 29, 2011

CumI make no bones of the fact I don’t just enjoy sex I look upon it as a voyage which takes me on new adventures all the time.

One of my favourite “out of body” experiences has to be the tit wank.  Now that I proudly sport a C cup unlike in my youth when my A cups just didn’t create the desired wanking ravine required to bring off your fella.

I now rejoice in the ample cleavage I have and the enveloping fleshy mounds Alex likes to penetrate.  As I push them together grasping his hard member as he stabs in and out of them, flushed head shining and foreskin sliding I take in the unique view offered.

An occasional lick of his cock head keeps him lubricated and comfortable.

It usually doesn’t take long for Alex to jettison his creamy white issue all over my heaving tits.  Then there’s the question of what to do with it.  You can gather it up on your fingers and devour it, rub it in to your skin, after all it does contain an element of vitamin E or do you simply let your partner clean you up…