Checking Out Large Pussies And Other Such Stuff

By | September 30, 2011

Ji Yong Ho "Lion 2"Isn’t that image excellent?  It’s the work of the very talented Ji Yong-Ho.  He has found a very artistic and beautiful way to recycle our old car tyres and I’m sure you will agree the he has such an incredible amount of movement and life in his work.

When I came upon this creation at Chatsworth house today I was completely mesmerised and found myself feeling quite moved and speechless.  That’s how good art work should make you feel, moved and emotional.

For me his work was the highlight of the 24 exhibited works, yes Damien Hirst’s unicorns were both beautiful and anatomical as you have come to expect from him they didn’t quite match the artistic talents of Ji Yong- Ho.

I had a really good day basking in the sunshine of this Indian Summer we are in midst of at the moment.  If you haven’t already visited the “Beyond Limits” exhibition at Chatsworth then you should treat yourself.  It’s a wonderful day of culture wrapped in beautifully designed landscape garden and park land thanks to the talented work of Mr Capability Brown.

A truly relaxing day out which can be enjoyed by all.

You can check out further works by Ji Yong-Ho on his site here  I wish I had the money to bid at the Sotherbys auction it his lion will be auctioned at later in the year.