Designer Pussy

By | August 18, 2008

Unusual for me but at work on Friday Horny mentioned a programme she wanted to see called Designer Vaginas being aired on Channel 4 at 10pm Sunday.

She then added that she didn’t really know what it was about so Busty and I enlightened her as to the wonders of the surgeon’s knife down there. We had both seen a programme previously about it.

Horny then admitted that she would like her vagina tightening as it wasn’t quite as tight as it used to be. We giggled.

I must admit when I read the write up about this I was rather sceptical about the angle it was going to take. It occurred to me that there are some women who have problems post pregnancy and feel for want of a better word “loose” and may require a tightening procedure. Or women who have had post-partum problems with their bladder.

Instead what we did get was a liberal portion of insecurity served up by two women in particular. One who had the rip taken out of her by her sister and get this…by her group of male friends for having labia minora which were larger than her majora. Well, shoot me now if that isn’t a reason to ridicule someone publicly!

I mean, for fucks sake who talks to a group of guys about their personal genitalia to such depth? This girl was obviously surgeon fodder and if she didn’t want her piss flaps sorting out it would be her boobs, nose, chin…

The only girl I had any empathy with was a Muslim girl who wanted her hymen restored so that she could go forward with an arranged marriage. Apparently it would shame her family should it be discovered that she had her virginity taken away by a guy she trusted and she thought loved her, who turned out to be a married man.

For me personally the programme was pedestrian and the parts which warranted deeper investigation/coverage were brushed over. This wasn’t a programme dedicated to people with needs it was for people with something missing in their lives.

Shame really, there are people who are maimed, scared for life or debilitated every day and these people clearly have nothing else to think about.

This programme managed to stretch out what would have been an otherwise 30 minute programme in to an hour and ten minutes. An hour and ten minutes of my life I can’t get back. 🙁

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