Porn A Ments

By | October 3, 2011

PornamentAnyone who knows me would tell you that I hate clutter and have minimalist tastes when it comes to décor. No frilly adornments and floral printed chintz curtains for me. My taste falls more in to the arts & crafts/art nouveau genre.

I have pet hates too and I’ll apologise in advance if your posses and treasure any of these items of tat. Notably brasses, figurines (and no I don’t care if they are Doulton) commemorative plates or pottery of any kind, dolls (scary), little crystal thingy majigs in special cabinets, anything you collect and assemble in weekly/monthly parts and any other clutter.

There is a practical side to my fastidiousness though, I don’t have to spend hours dusting little models of things.

The only exception I would make to this rule are these pornaments, no household should be without them. They aren’t just ornaments they are conversation starters. How could you possibly avoid mentioning them. Lol. Looks like they have their Christmas stock in at the moment 🙂

If you want to invest in a conversation piece just like the one above you need to check out this link.