Fetish Fucking

By | August 18, 2008

My reading of my latest book has brought about a lot of interest with the girls at work. Busty particularly asks now what I have read over my lunch. She also said that she can’t wait to borrow the book from me. 😉

It also raised the subject of BDSM and being a dominatrix. Horny said that she could not see herself indulging in some of the acts and that she doesn’t do things like that. She also added that she isn’t in to using toys in the bedroom either.

I don’t think this surprised me too much. It seems to me that there are a certain group of people who will not open their minds to the possibilities of using and enjoying sex toys. You usually find that these people fall in two categories, a) they are confronted by another in the bedroom and feel that to replace what is natural is wrong, when they should really look upon sex toys as an aid…an accompaniment. Something to enhance rather than replace what is available already. Or b) have no real experience of what is out there in terms of diversity and taste.

Toys have come on from the days when phallic vibrators were the be all and end all. There is such a wealth of toys to experience out there. It is a shame to be so closed minded.

That being said I did ask the question at the most appropriate moment. “Don’t you like a little spank on your ass when being fucked doggy style?” And guess what…both Horny and Busty agreed! I think that Horny for some reason is holding back her true sexuality and over the coming moths I’m hoping to help her discover it. 😉

I should be charging for this. Lol