Lights, Camera, Action…Let The Fucking Commence

By | October 4, 2011

Megan Coxxx Cum ShotThe Premise of the show as I mentioned was that it was a parody of Deal Or No Deal, a show which I have never attempted to watch.  This version to me appeared to look far more interesting than the real thing hosted by Noel Edmonds.

This version had naughty suggestions secreted within its boxes.  😉  You wouldn’t get to see a girl being fucked doggy style in front of the contestants of that show.  Lol

We took up seats to the side of the audience which offered us a good view and the ability to stand up and take shots of the participants.  Each set started with still images and Alex took some really good pics which you will see appearing here on the site over the coming days.

The first couple to engage with the show were Megan Coxxx and Seth Strong and boy did they work up a sweat in front of the audience.  Seth gave Megan a good hard fucking over the contestants podium and that was just for starters.

It was quite surreal watching the contestants peering over their podium at the cavorting couple and Joel periodically asking if people were enjoying the show.  Lol  A humerous show with lots of filthy fucking.

N ext up to play was Angel Long who had gone up in my estimation for being a dirty bitch.  She won the opportunity to take Eva May with a bloody huge strap on.  There is no messing with Angel she is the perfect Domme, slamming her cock in there as hard as she could.

A thoroughly enjoyable scene which left me with a  pair of wet panties and the desire to submit to her one day…

I’m only just over a third of the way through the day, so much to tell you all.  😉