Cruel Red Nails, I Love `Em

By | October 5, 2011

Talons Of Passion:

If there’s one thing I hate it’s having long fingernails. I hate the feel of them. I mention this for two reasons. Firstly because I currently have long fingernails. Well they’re long for me at just over a millimetre. But more practically because I hate getting dirt under them and they tend to be scratchy if they get much longer. If I bit them it wouldn’t be a problem, they’d be self-maintaining. But I don’t.

Scratchy nails can play havoc with a lady’s delicate areas. The last thing you want to happen in those intimate moments it to lacerate your partner’s labia for example.

Long nails on women is another thing. They emphasise an elegant hand, can be painted in colours that dazzle and add glamour. And the feel of nails on my back while we’re …

You get the picture. LOL

It’s a real case of double standards of course. I like long nails on women, but know how impractical they are. Of course I don’t insist that Suze grows her nails long, that would be wrong. Indeed I don’t think I could insist she did so.

Apart from the amount of time she spends at the keyboard long finger nails on a woman are an obstacle to safe digital simulation too, for her and her partner. Practicality wins over predilection I’m afraid.