Feeling It With Megan Coxxx, Part 1

By | October 5, 2011

Megan Coxxx Feel Or No DealWe were recently invited on set to watch the filming of TelevisionX/PureXXX’s production “Feel Or No Deal” a parody of a certain gameshow that you might be familiar with.

We got to interview several of the girls, the first being Megan Coxxx

Alex: Megan Coxxx, is that three x’s?

Megan: Yes of course…giggle.

Megan’s giggle is mischievous and infectious, a good start.

Alex: Do you have a Twitter account that your fans can follow?


Alex: So the one I found earlier isn’t yours?

Megan: What there’s a fake one!

Alex: OK, so all our readers should follow @MeganCoxxx! Thanks for coming to talk to us you’ve had a very long scene. First a questing we have been asked to put to you from our fans on Twitter and Facebook…how did you get in to porn?

Megan: Oh, I love telling this. I was at Uni and needed some like partying money and I had done a bit of glamour and fashion on Pure Storm and saw it had an adult section, browsed it and thought I would apply for hard girl/girl straightaway.  I hadn’t even gone topless, I hadn’t even kissed a girl and saw [they were paying good money for it] and it went from there. And that got published straight away I think in Razzle or something.

Alex: That was hard stills in Razzle then…

Megan: Yes, right.  And now I’m living with that girl a year ago who I did my first shoot with.

Alex: Right, that’s nice.

Megan: And living with another guy, a porn guy called Danny D.

Alex: Oh, right, Suze likes Danny D

Megan: Yes, we’re living with him…hmmm.

Suze: He’s huge!

Megan: And he put that in my bum the other night.  We were just messing around at home, like we came back from the pub as you do on a Sunday afternoon and we just decided to have a threesome.

Alex: Right… OK …

Suze: That’s rather a nice little tail.

Alex: No, that’s rather a big tail actually.

While we all enjoyed the thought of a threesome including the lovely Megan Coxx and Danny D we were soon back at the interview.

Alex: So it’s taken off quickly then, Harmony, obviously and who else apart from Pure XXX and Television X?

Megan: Babestation, I’m meant to be taking over from Lolly I’m being the next Lolly Babcock on there.

Alex: Right, you’ve got something to live up to.

Megan: Yeah, yeah…

Suze: Well, your obviously bisexual?

Megan: Well,I don’t know, this is the thing  I would never have a relationship with a woman but I like licking pussy, I don’t know…

Alex: Right, it’s and experiencing thing rather than you might be that way…

Megan: Yeah…

Alex: But you will give it a go anyway.

Megan: Yeah

Alex: I like you, you will say yes to anything.

Megan give sus that filthy giggle again.

Alex: Now obviously on a day like today which is really hot and you’ve had a really long shoot you must be exhausted. Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself when you have a shoot like that?

Megan: No, I know…now ‘cause I’ve just split up with my boyfriend I’m looking forward to every shoot, cause I just find myself getting so horny now all the time.  So I’m so excited now to work …I was up at 5 this morning to come here.

Alex: So what is it that gets you horny, is it just the fact that you are gonna come out and have sex with a different person?

Megan: Yeah, I love that…err I have worked with Seth before.  Uhm but I also like having sex on camera and in front of people but today was quite extreme.  (she giggles)

Alex: So, where are you going from here then?  Obviously your sites on Babestation and then what do you want to do?  It looks like you’ve got a good break with the Lolly Badcock, is that what you’ve got your sights on?

To find out the answer and much more check back tomorrow for part 2!