Feeling It With Megan Coxxx, Part 2

By | October 6, 2011

Megan Coxxx, Feel Or No DealMegan: I may…I’m going to focus on the site mainly erm then possibly go back to LA cause I shot my own DVD for Harmony out there. It’s called Nymphomaniac which were hoping for some coverage from AVN.

Alex: Oh, you’ve done one of the Nymphomaniac series?

Megan: Yeah.  I did that about a month ago.

Alex: We’ll look forward to reviewing it.

Suze: Actually we reviewed Harmony’s Toy Stories recently, in fact I reviewed it.

Megan: Oh, did you?  Did you enjoy it?

Suze: I did it was nice to see girls getting off with each other because quite often the scene is cut and in walks the male.

Megan: Yeah…cool!

Alex: So, it looks like everything is heading in the right direction for you, but what would you have been doing if you hadn’t been doing this?

Megan: Probably still at Uni…no I probably wouldn’t still have been at Uni.  No, no I wouldn’t she laughs.

Suze: What did you originally want to do then or want to be?

Megan: I have no idea, I’ve always thought, well Lola Ferrari was that inspiration when I used to sneak downstairs when my parents were in bed.  I was about 8 or 9 years old and I used to go and watch Eurotrash.  Err but yeah, I’ve got no idea where I’m going really, I’m just going to go along with it because that’s what I’ve done so far.

Alex: Well thanks for that, are you going to stay sweaty or are you going to get showered?

Megan: I’m gonna stay sweaty, I’m going to go and meet my ex boyfriend all sweaty and covered in come.  Lol

Alex: You mentioned when we were talking earlier having a strict and posh upbringing earlier.

Megan: I was in the British Juniors Dressage team, UK under 21’s, something which I have done all my life, horse riding.  I was never allowed out to parites at the weekend so then on the odd occasion when I ran away to get to the party I made sure that I got some action.

And I think it all started from that because I had my heart set on not being a 40 year old virgin.  Then I went from there and I was aiming for 2012 Olympics, like on course for it.

Alex: Yes…

Megan: But obviously stopped it all and started newly in porn.

Alex: And so the other side to that is, what do the family think about it?

Megan: Uhm, the family they hate it I did have a personalised plate with my real name on my dad’s car and because he was so embarrassed and disgraced by me he removed it.  And now I hardly talk to them.  And then at Christmas I have to go with the family and have a Christmas meal and they will just pick on me and ask questions and say how vile it is.

Uhm, my dad’s a solicitor and my mum’s a PA and they said it’s an embarrassment to the family.

But when I support then in their nursing homes…

Alex: See that’s what you need to tell your parents…look I’ll be picking your nursing homes so be nice to me.

Megan: Yes, exactly.

Suze: Just before you go can I ask, is there somebody you really enjoy working with in the industry?

Megan: Err, yes, well in LA I worked with Manuel Ferrara.  Oh my fucking god I love that man!  Even in the scene I did for him, the Harmony one, I nearly let him put it in my arse in the scene.

Alex: Suze’s favourite is Jay Snake, she’s mad about him.

Megan: Oh really, I’m working with him tomorrow.

Suze: I’m soo jealous.  Give him a kiss from me.

I had to stop Suze from trying to stow away in Meagan’s case at the end of the interview so she could get on set with Jay Snake. She’ll get her hands on that cock one day.