Lexie’s Pocket Pussy

By | August 19, 2008

Lexie Pocket PussyIt’s not many guys that get to try out another woman’s vagina with the help of their partner. But I am one of those guys. This time it was the Lexie Pocket Pussy from Doc Johnson. Doc Johnson produce a range of compact and not so compact masturbators almost all of which are made from their famous UR3 material.

If you’re not familiar with UR3 it’s a soft, pliable yet firm plastic that feels very close to real skin. It’s also quite hardwearing and elastic. This means that you can give a doc Johnson pocket pussy a real pounding without fear of it fail on you. Personally though I wouldn’t opt for a quicky-wank with Lexie’s Pocket Pussy for reasons I’ll expand upon below.

The Lexie is, like all of Doc Johnson’s named products, modelled on a real person. If the casting is anywhere near faithful to the original then Lexie has very neat labia and a very tight opening to her vagina. Before use, perhaps while you’re cleaning the toy in preparation for its first use, you should slip two or three fingers into the opening of the toy to, well, break it in. If you don’t inserting your lubed penis into the pocket pussy can be fun later. Cleaning the toy also removes most of the colour from the labia minora of the toy. Doc Johnson seem to think that all women have bright pink lipstick on their pussies as all Doc Johnson sex toys seem to come with this colouration. LOL

The pussy is tubular in shape with a slight waist two thirds away from the vulva end with three light grooves on it, more to indicate the best position to hold the toy than to aid grip. Unless you go completely mad with the lube you’ll find UR3 is very easy to hold. Inside the vaginal walls you find that “Lexie” is gently bobbled rather than deeply ribbed.

Suze didn’t think she’d get to have a fiddle with this toy, but she was very wrong. I lay in bed in my customary 45 degree angled position (half propped up against the bed head) and let Suze twiddle with me until I was erect. She then dribbled water based lube (we use Pjur Aqua at the moment) onto my cock, then passed the lube to me and continued to stroke my penis while I applied a little more lube to the opening of the pocket pussy.

Even having stretched it while I was cleaning it earlier it was quite tricky to push myself inside. This is normal for UR3 toys and is great because it means they retain their satisfying tightness over time.

I slid in slowly, at first just pushing the tip of my cock inside, then deeper with each stroke as the lube worked its way up and around the inside of the toy. Applying pressure to the outer wall of the Pocket Pussy allows you to give extra stimulation to your cock as you masturbate, while leaving you pleasantly detached and giving you that “somebody else’s hand” feeling.

I suggested to Suze that I really did try someone else’s hand and let her take over. She really enjoyed herself, first trying on hand then two, squeezing and tugging. She especially liked the way in which she was able to press the toy down far enough that the tip of my cock popped out of the end. She said she liked to see the end of my penis, glistening with lube.

Anyway, she really enjoyed herself, which was fine by me because her milking of my cock – or was it Lexi milking my cock, was a real winner. The internal contours of the toy meant a long slow action was best and she soon realised this as my eyes rolled and I squirmed in response to her pumping my cock with Lexie’s pussy.

The Pocket Pussy is quiet too. Some masturbators slurp and suck, which can be a pleasant accompaniment to your wank but this one is quiet and therefore discrete.

The ejaculation was a sizzling bubbling one that erupted from the end of the pocket pussy like a white lava flow, a mixture of lube and cum.

We both enjoyed the toys for different reasons. It’s very pleasant to hold, not too big and very lifelike, at least externally. The Lexie Pocket Pussy is very easy to clean after use too. For the price you really can’t go wrong, this is a good quality toy, simple and effective. What more could you ask for?

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