Ready, Willing And Able For A Good Fucking

By | October 8, 2011

Girl GirlPrior to getting down and dirty tonight I was quite organised, grabbing a handful of “may come in handy” toys and depositing them between the pillows before we started to get down and dirty.

I can’t count how many times we have been mid fuck and I fancied a vibratory accompaniment or a butt plug to push up my tight ass.  This time I was prepared for every eventuality having placed a Jimmy Jane Form 3, Lelo Siri and small butt plug between the pillows.

Bring it on…

Alex moved over from his side of the bed kissed me sweetly on the lips and then disappeared under the duvet and between my legs.  His tongue started to tantalise my clit, flicking and lapping at me like a dehydrated dog.

I wriggled and squirmed as he teased my bulging pink nub.  My hand cupped his balls which were suspended beneath him as he knelt on all fours.  I rolled them gently under my palm before taking his semi stiff cock in to my hand and pulling back his foreskin.

In the ambient light from the television which was still showing the latest porn we had been watching I could see his cock enjoying the attention I was giving it, growing thick and hard.  I eased myself between his legs and picked up the JJ Form 3 pressing the button once, it began a wonderful escalation vibration and I held it to Alex’s perineum.  He moaned, I knew from his tone that it felt good, after all he had his mouth full of my clit and labia.

I ran the vibe up and down his erogenous zone listening to the gurgled, mouth full moans he gave.  Parting my lips I took his cock in to my mouth enjoying filling the cavity and rubbing my tongue against the underside of his cock.  The taste of pre cum enlivened my taste buds as I started to bob my head up and down on his erection.

With each bounce I devoured more and more of him until I hit the “stop line” or as it is more commonly known the gag reflex kicked in and my eyes watered with my tears.  I opened my throat more by simulating a yawn which helps open me up further and I head fucked him.

This must have pressed all the right buttons because within moments Alex emerged from between my legs and planted a deliciously musky kiss on my lips.  That was me I could smell and I started to lick around his lips, gathering up my own sweet juices.  I tasted good, this was closest I would get to licking my own pussy and fuck did I taste devine.

I guessed that Alex needed to fuck or he would spill his seed right then and there.  He pushed my legs apart, taking hold of each ankle and plunged deep inside me.  He now had hold of both my legs behind the knees and started to fuck me whilst simultaneously pulling me on to him.

My tits were rhythmically bouncing up and down and he let loose my legs and took both nipples in between his fingers and rolled them, sending electric shocks through my body as they pulsed with the extra blood flow.

I was now so wet that his cock was sloshing in and out of me as I placed the Siri over my clit and manically pressed the buttons until it fired in to life.  The constant buzzing on my clit and the good hard plundering soon had me arching my back as I came, telling Alex as I did so.

A few more thrusts and Alex pushed me on to my side opening my legs and thrusting in to me from behind.  I removed my hand and the vibe from my clit as they were now being restricted by the downward force of this man bearing down on me.

I rolled on to my stomach and stuck my ass upward aiding Alex’s penetration.  Unable to reach my own breasts to roll and caress them my attention turned to my own ass.  I licked my finger and pushed my carefully trimmed finger inside my own ass.

It was easily penetrated as I gently pushed inward the sphincters let loose allowing me in without difficulty, an aside to being aroused.  I took full advantage of the relaxation of those powerful muscles and started to waggle my middle finger inside me.  At the other side of my colon I became aware of Alex driving in and out of me which took me once more to the edge and I shuddered as I came again.

Alex’s moans betrayed him, I could tell he was close and removed my finger as he picked up momentum.  He fucked me so deep that I cryed out as he hit my cervix and realigned myself to take his onslaught raising my buttocks off the bed.

Then moments later I heard his moans and felt the tell tale quiver of his cock as he shot his load deep inside my pussy, collapsing over the top of me, panting like a wild animal.  I lay there tingling and wearing a smile he couldn’t see…