In Praise Of Pussy Hair, Beware!

By | October 9, 2011

Hair On PussyAlex pushed my legs apart and placed himself between them.  I opened my eyes to see him sporting a huge hardon and a telling smile.  Applying a liberal coating of saliva to my fingers I took hold of his firm flesh puling back at this foreskin, revealing his shiny pink helmet.

A groan emanated from his mouth as I gently drew his foreskin up and down cock gripped firmly in my hand.  Continuing the slow gliding too and fro I placed my middle finger firmly over his frenulum and started to massage it.

He started to buck his hips, head back, eyes closed.  Alex was now fucking my hand which had formed a tight “O” around his throbbing member.  With each thrust I added a brush of the finger on his frenulum, this drives him wild.

Pre cum was clearly visible now on the tip of his cock, I collected the drop on my finger and raised it to my lips smearing it over them.  I then gestured to Alex to lean in and kiss me, he pressed his lips against mine and then proceeded to lick his own cum form them.

As he raised back up to his knees I guided his cock to the entrance to my sex.  He edged forward and pushed with one thrust deep inside me.  I moaned my appreciation as he grounded somewhere at the back of me.

I raised my feet and folded my legs over his back, crossing my ankles to secure them there.  A tilt of my pelvis and he was massaging my g-spot.  The smell of sex filled the air as I wrapped my hands around the back of his neck.

The thrusting was now deep and rapid, I was bouncing off the mattress with each one.  I was now vocalising my thoughts as I told him to “fuck me hard”, my nails digging in to the warm flesh of his shoulder blades.

Alex changed the tempo, slowing down to more deliberate thrusts.  I was savouring the contrast between the hard and fast fucking and this slower tempo.  Then Alex said “what’s this?” and stopped withdrawing his cock from me.

“What?” I enquired as his hand shuffled about around my pussy, fingers brushing me.  “This” he said holding something up in the subdued light.  He had found one of my hairs stretched across my pussy which must have been acting like a cheese wire.  Ouch!

Having long hair is good for doggy style pony tail pulling and tickling your partner but can also create a fuck hazard.

Hair removed he slipped back inside me and fucked me to one knee trembling orgasm.