Nailing You!

By | October 10, 2011

EnticingI forgot to tell you about my conversation with my friend Mrs Nosey who came over the other week.  We were happily chatting away about girly things, she had had her hair streaked with various shades of brown.  The last time she came over with a box of hair colour and wanted me to do it for her as she had decided the previous night to change the colour completely but that is so her.

She also remarked on my long, manicured nails that she would like to get hers done but balked at the potential long term cost of making regular trips to the salon.

However this time she arrived with her nails beautifully long and shaped and painted black which is so typical of her.  If she was younger I’m sure she would have been a goth chick but she is more contemporarily goth chicken nowadays.  Lol

That sounded bitchy, it wasn’t supposed to.  She would laugh at that too.

We were talking about her nails when I asked if her fella liked them, knowing most guys enjoy long nails particularly down there back.  I’ve never been out with one who didn’t.  😉  She replied that he liked them but he said they weren’t very sharp.

Hmmm, I thought.  This guy sounds as if he could be in to a bit of light BDSM.  I was just about to start talking about vampire gloves when I stopped myself opting for the more pc approach.  Perhaps a little too extreme at the moment.  Lol  I suggested that she gets them filed differently next time she is in the salon, perhaps squared off leaving the corners sharp when used correctly or even pointed which is pure evil.  🙂

I’m waiting to hear what happened next time we meet up.