Fancy, Fondle Fuck

By | October 11, 2011

WhiteDo you know what I find really strange? Hmm?

The fact that women find men attractive.

That sounds more stupid than it actually is. You see I don’t fancy men, I can’t see the appeal. I can appreciate a good looking man and understand why a woman might find them. That doesn’t mean I can understand what women see in men when it comes to sexual attraction.

When it comes to finding women attractive that’s an entirely different affair. That combination of instinct, urges, emotion and thought processes is bound into the very fibres of my being. I don’t have to think about being attracted to women, it’s part of my makeup and will never change. And that’s the difference a woman can explain to me why a particular man is attractive to them, what it is about them that makes her juices flow and maybe even describe how some of the attraction about the guy is indefinable but still makes them want to unfasten another button on their blouse to make him notice her.

I assume it must be the same for straight women, not quite able to fathom what it is about women that men find attractive. Men are much more visually motivated when it comes to attraction than women so the purely physical attributes can be easily defined and understood. However even men find an often unquantifiable combination of female attributes irresistible. They can find like-minded men who understand that a particular female has this strange and indefinable quality but none of them will be able to describe what it is. And that isn’t just because blokes don’t tends to express themselves eloquently or adequately when it comes to women and relationships.

So, one of the many things that I do not understand about women is why they actually want to sleep with men. I thank my lucky stars that they do because I like sleeping with women and if they didn’t I’d be very disappointed indeed.