Girl On Girl In The Barn

By | August 21, 2008

My taste in porn has changed over the years. Once my interests were in watching the Zero Tolerance range of films, now I like something with a little more kind to it. Something which moves away from the standard porn being produced and certainly not the airbrushed Hollywood style anymore.

I even like a bit of ordinary girl porn, the home grown British porn including the latest DVM one we watched a couple of weeks ago. The people in the scenes are probably more accessible than most pornstars and therefore more inclined to get your juices flowing. That girl could be one whom you passed in the street the other day. You know what I mean. 😉

Even though my tastes have changed I still have my favourite DVD scenes, one such snapshot is a scene from Teanna Kai’s Forbidden Fantasies. She does a good girl on girl scene in a mock barn. Not that I am particularly in to Teanna but her partner, a girl known only as Charlie, who you can see above.

She has stunning blue eyes and a lovely pair of large natural breasts that I would love to get my mouth around. Plus she looks cute in her pigtails. Lol

The best part of the scene is where the girls use a double ended dildo together…

…anyway, back to why I thought of this scene today. I went to my local greasy spoon for my usual sandwich today and they have taken on yet another girl behind the counter.

When I first entered the shop was turned away from me but had her long mousy hair in a plait running down her back. And when she turned around to serve the customer in front of me she was the image of Charlie.

I think I must have been stood there in that shop looking like an imbecile with my mouth wide open just staring in disbelief. How often is it that a girl you have fantasised about on many occasions turns up in your local café?

Now I wonder what she is doing this weekend…