XXX Interview With Eva May

By | October 14, 2011

Eva May With Spunk On TitsAlex: Well I’ll start with the obvious question, how did you get in to the industry.

Eva: I started just on the telly and doing some glamour work and stuff like and I really enjoyed it and I’ve been doing it for 5 years so …  I started on Babeworld and that really doesn’t exist anymore unfortunately but Bluedbird took me over and I’m normally on there 3 times a week.  And I’ve been working there just over a year and half now and then from that I wanted to do some girl/girl because I thought it was fun.

You do it anyway on TV and stuff but not the extreme like you do on the movies and so my first one was Titney Spears and that was with Michelle.

Suze: Was that Michelle Thorne?

Eva:  Yes, I was just in the background like a cameo girl.  So we don’t have really actually sex or anything.  It’s just a bit of fiddling around, you don’t show much you don’t show pussy or anything like that.

Alex: So how did you get in to the harder stuff, it that just natural progression?

Eva: Hmm, natural…it’s something I always wanted to do when I was younger …hmmm…

Alex: You didn’t want to be a nurse or anything?

Eva: I’ve been a nurse.

Alex: Have you?

Eva: Yes. [porn is] something that you like or you don’t like, some girls will stay for years doing that girl/girl stuff.  It’s not boring at all, I just wanted to have more excitement I think, more work because not everybody gets excited by girl/girl.  It’s always the same and even if you’ve got like odd girls it’s still the same and so I started to do boy/girl.

This is my fourth boy/girl.  I’ve done an exclusive in July for Bluedbird.

Alex: So who have you enjoyed working with the most?

Eva: I’ve just started, it’s hard to say.

Alex: Does your family know what you do for a living?

Eva: They know that I’m a model and my daughter can ask me when she is an adult like, “Mum are you doing porn?”.  But for now she doesn’t need to know.  I don’t mind taking about it when you are an adult but not when you are a kid and don’t know what’s going on.

Alex: So what’s Eva’s biggest turn on, what turns you on the most?

Eva: You know I’ve got my partner, well he just came with me for the first time for the scene to have a look.  Well, I think that’s quite exciting knowing that he’s watching.  (Eva giggles)

Alex: Has he actually watched any of your films then?

Eva: I should actually ask, she giggles.  He may have done in secret but I don’t know.  Would you tell each other that you have been watching each other?

Alex & Suze: Yes!

Eva: Really, I don’t know it’s maybe because I haven’t done porn until recently but he likes to watch if I bring a DVD with me from Bluebird he likes to have a look or he likes to look at my pictures and stuff like that.

Alex: So I take it you are going to carry on doing boy girl?

Eva: Yeh!

Alex: How can your fans follow you?

Eva: You can also find me on Facebook providing I haven’t maxed out on my friends.

Alex: Eva, it’s been great talking to you and we both wish you well for the future.

Eva: Aww thanks guys for talking to me.

You can find Eva on TelevisionX, watch out for her appearance in Feel Or No Deal soon on satellite, VoD and DVD.