Sex And More Sex

By | October 15, 2011

Eric And ErnieSuze and I are in a long term relationship. That is pretty obvious from our understanding of each other and the longevity of this blog if nothing else. Even so we don’t have a prescriptive sex life. We try and keep I varied and certainly keep it alive.

Although we might not be trying something new every night testing sex toys and out general adventurousness means that we often vary what we get up to and how we get up to it if you know what I mean. Our idea of hell would be to know that say every Sunday we had a timeslot for sex and sex in the rest of the week only happened on birthdays and for the purposes of procreation.

I don’t mean that you have to have sex every day, though it’s nice 🙂 but regimenting any aspect of sex really isn’t our thing.

And what about sexual positions. I am like most people in that I started with a limited repertoire of sexual positions. As you develop your sexual vocabulary the range of positions and techniques you try expands. Being in a long term relationship helps – you can explore new techniques together without constantly having to overcome that initial awkwardness inherent in most new couplings. It baffles me that there are people who fall into a rut and never explore sex within their relationship, I suppose they simply aren’t the sort of sexual creature that I am.

Each to their own.

(And yes I did have someone in mind when I wrote this, and they will not read this because unless I am totally misguided I think I am safe in saying that they rarely if evergo online, let alone read a sex blog)