I Love To Fuck The Bad Boys

By | October 16, 2011

Marilyn MansonDon’t ask me why because I don’t think I can furnish you with an answer but I love sexuality off-kilter. What is she talking about? I hear you ask.

Well, let me try and convey the thoughts from my over active mind.

I have a sexual inquisitive side for new experiences and acts. It thrills me when I encounter something beyond the norm in terms of sexuality, pushing the boundaries.

Examples of these stretch right through my adolescence right up to today.

For me David Bowie has always held intrigue. Long before I discovered that he was bisexual he was something magical to me. A strange kind of sexual journey was promised. Call me intuitive but I seem to have a sense for these things. 😉

More recently I became infatuated with Marilyn Manson and not because of the press coverage about him being able to auto fellate, although the act intrigues me. But because I find him very sexually attractive, a bit of an enigma.

There are certain men who just get my juices flowing for some unexplained reason. I think they are picked up by my kink detector. Lol

I can’t explain what it is that captivates me about these people other than the fact that the appear to be completely off the wall individuals.

Are there any psychologists out there that can help me make sense of this. 🙂