Bovine Anilingus

By | October 17, 2011

CowgirlNot the usual subject for my posts but I simply could not resist this opportunity to raise a smile from both of us.  Lol

Alex and I decided to pay a visit to our favourite county pub for lunch on Sunday as it was a pleasant clear and sunny day.  We expected lots of walkers in there with their maps and whistles but it was fairly quiet when we arrived.

They also had some new pint pulling totty.  A couple of new blondes were hovering in the background as our familiar busty blonde pulled us both.  Lol

It seemed like a day for naughty innuendo right from the onset.  As we approached the village where the pub nestles we were greeted by two naughty cows engaging in some anilingus.

I kid you not, as we approached the village I looked in to a field to witness a cow licking the ass of its friend.  Not quite what you would expect to see in a field but quite obviously something which happens out in the great outdoors

Isn’t it great taking in the countryside.  lol