Wet Girls And Psycho Chicks

By | October 19, 2011

MermaidSplash wasn’t the greatest movie I’ve ever seen but Daryl Hannah made it very watchable indeed. There is something about mermaids that is quite attractive. OK, the idea of mermaids. I’m not so deluded as to think they are real creatures.

Yes I’m on a magical tip this evening. You’ll know that if you saw the earlier Rapunzel themed post.

Rapunzel got me thinking about mystical creatures but I first saw Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner. Blade Runner is one of those films that Suze has seen but does not share my rabid enthusiasm for. To me it’s a classic, to her it’s “some film with Harrison ford and that bloke out of ‘The Hitcher’ in.”

Well seeing Daryl Hannah as the homicidal and psychopathic Pris really did it for me. Don’t know what that says about Suze LOL.

The timing was right, a few years after punk, my hormones pumping (ah, teenage years) and a girl who was good looking but with a slightly indefinable something that made her a bit different. Perhaps it was body language, I don’t know but she really captured my attention.

There’s nothing wrong with a little naked Hannah walking innocently down a street full of amazed and shocked humans but Harrison Ford being beaten up by Daryl Hannah dressed as a mannequin was the start of it all. Maybe that says a lot about me. Eeek!