Tie Me Up And Fuck Me

By | October 18, 2011

Hot Brunette In ChainsWhat do you do on a Sunday evening to liven things up as you consider the week of work ahead of you.

You get out your bondage web…

I asked Alex if he would set up the we on the bed, it’s a great restraint set which is so quick and easy to use and it’s oh so effective at restraining a naughty girl like me when  she wants to be bad.  😉

Minutes later I found myself face down on the bed with my wrists and ankles restrained to the corners of the web.  Splayed and defenceless laying prostate on the bed before Alex who I could see had taken up the large rubber whip and was now approaching me.

I felt the gentle caress of the rubber strands as he dragged them over my naked torso.  It made me shiver and goose bumps appeared on my arms.  My breathing quickened and I could feel my nipples digging in to the bed as he guided the whip to and fro over my back.

Then a gentle sting on my right buttock as the whip made contact and then on the other side.  I squirmed and moaned, encouraging him to continue his tempered whipping of my ass.  Giving total control to him comes easily as I know he would  never go beyond the realms of my enjoyment.

I’ve total trust in him, he knows my pain threshold and never goes over it, ensuring that my BDSM experience is all about sensation and enjoyment.  I’m not in to pain but a gentle whipping feels good.  He was now gently rubbing my buttocks with his hands, soothing the flesh ready for the next delivery or stinging rubber.

I braced as his hands left my flesh and were followed by a quick thrash to each cheek.  My heart was now racing and my pussy was feeling increasingly moist.  Alex returned to dragging the whip over my flesh and I twitched as its tentacles tickled me.

Then I felt warm breath between my open legs and the warm soothing sensation of a tongue probing between my swollen labia.  Alex was lapping my freshly secreted juices from my cunt with an insatiable appetite.

“Let me taste”, I asked him as I turned my head to the side.  Alex moved up the bed and placed his lips firmly against mine before pushing his tongue deep inside my mouth.  I could smell my essence on his lips and taste the familiar muskiness of my own cum.

Our tongues entwined as Alex pushed his fingers deep inside me hunting out my g-spot.  With fingers curved against my s-spot he started to fuck me rhythmically pounding my pussy with his hand.  I sucked on his tongue and greedily as I came again on his fingers.

Alex’s tongue was now replaced by his fingers, those which only moments before had been pushed deep inside my vagina.  How good I tasted on those hot fingers.  He returned them back to my hot pussy and continued to fuck me until I felt the warmth of my own fluid running down my leg.

There was more wetness than normal and I instantly knew he had made me squirt which seemed to excite him all the more as he loosened my tethers and pulled me up on to my knees.  He rammed his hard cock inside me and I moaned like a whore, enjoying his thrust.

His hips banged in to my buttocks as he fucked me relentlessly deep and hard.  My tits were jiggling about under me as he went for it and another orgasm building inside me.  He was now groaning and panting like a crazed animal as he slammed into me.

My thighs were wet through and I was kneeling in a pool of my own cum on the bed.  He moved his hands from his vice like grip on my buttocks and placed them on my shoulders as he tried to penetrate me deeper.

Then with a guttural raw he fucked his cum deep inside me jerking with each pulse as it squirted my cervix.  I found myself shouting out “fuck me, fuck me”, and came once more just before Alex collapsed over my back.

Sunday nights don’t have to be boring.  😉