Whipping And Stroking, Licking And Fucking

By | October 20, 2011

Bound Over BedSuze described how we played with a little light bondage at the weekend. Using our current favourite set of web restraints allowed me to also use one of our old favourites, a multi-stranded rubber whip that is as good at delivering subtle and glorious sensory pleasure from gentle teasing and stroking as it is at dishing out a good hard thrashing.

Strapping her naked body to our bed was exciting in itself, as each one of the four cuffs was wrapped around her wrists and ankles I could feel my cock becoming immediately heavier and growing between my legs. Her buttocks invited my attention and with all the bondage tools available to me it still cried out to be touched with the delicate latex strands of our rubber whip. I know Suze loves the feel of this toy on her skin and the contrast of sensation that can be achieved when it’s skilfully wielded.

I dragged the long lengths of rubber from her ankles, up her legs and across her buttocks, letting some of them fall between her cheeks. UP her back I continued and over her shoulders and neck. She shuddered a the whip gently tickled her hairline and moaned with pleasure as the whip’s ever moving path caressed every millimetre of the skin on the back of her body.

I carried on in this gentle manner until I felt the tension had built enough then without warning delivered a swift blow to her beautiful ass with a flick of the wrist. Not cruelly hard but stinging enough to make her gasp at the intensity of the impact in comparison to the gentle stroking that preceded it. I was rewarded with a gasp from Suze and a sudden tensing of her body.

Continuing with the gentle traversal of her body I waited for Suze to relax again before delivering another blow and following it up with a shorter period of rubber caresses. More and slightly harder flicks of my wrist required a little rubbing of her cheeks with the palm of my hand and the occasional firm grasp of what I knew would be her now tingling flesh. Although not brutally hard, far from it, it is probably the hardest I have ever used the whip on Suze and she enjoyed it, knowing that although I would push her there was never any danger I would push it too far.

Trust, that’s the key.

It’s one of the things that we’ve learned over years of sexual exploration. You know you need trust in all aspects of a relationship but you don’t truly realise how important trust is in the bedroom until you push the boundaries of your bedroom play. It’s only possible to reach out towards the extremes of sexual experience and the peaks of sexual pleasure if you both trust each other implicitly. When you do so anything is possible.

Suze loved the experience I could hear it in the moans, smell it in the deeply sexual scent and taste it when I sipped the rich nectar from her pussy. Fingers, tongues pussy and cock contrived to bring us both close together in a carnal carnival that left me with a hard cock dribbling onto the bed. It was not a conscious decision to release Suze from some of her bonds but a primal necessity to allow me to ram my rampant cock into her and fuck her hard until I came.

That’s the best sort of sex, adventurous, uninhibited, honest and animal.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.