Out And About, Sexy And Proud

By | October 22, 2011
Face Covered But Naked
The question of exactly what we should and should not publish on this blog came to the surface while I was musing over my lunch today.

If you’re a long-time reader you will realise that we have strict limits on what we will cover. It pretty much allows us to speak about anything so long as we maintain our anonymity. That was a choice made when we started in 2005 and nothing has changed since then, except our ever expanding knowledge and understanding of sexuality.

Like many things sexuality is always evolving, is very personal and is a subject that you can only ever understand a part of, and from your own perspective. While it is possible to learn facts about sex, sexuality is too personal at anything other than an abstract and academic level to be fully understood by anyone. Any one who tells you otherwise has missed the point.

In the quest to become more fully aware of the range of sexual preference and fetish it is often necessary to explore the edges of what most people would find acceptable. Indeed many people would find what we publish on the sites we run quite alien and outside their experience. Many would probably object to it. Goodness knows what they would think of some of the stuff that we see online LOL.

Considering what my friends, family and colleagues would think of the sites I came to a realisation that hadn’t occurred to me before. At least some of them would be happy, indeed eager to read the sites, but their attitude to finding out that they knew the people who wrote it? That’s something quite different.

I know from comments that have been made and conversations that have touched on adult online content that there are consumers of that content in every workplace I have experienced in the last ten years. Within a particular workplace you’ll find people expressing the full range of views from disgust at adult sites, through inquisitiveness to some staff who have been avid and frequent viewers of online porn.

So how would each of them react? Well, I’m not about to tell them just so I can find out. But the possibility of discovery is always there.

We’re not changing what we do because of what I’ve said above, but it doesn’t do any harm to re-evaluate from time to time and make a conscious decision about the direction of your creative output.