Playing Hide The Porn

By | October 24, 2011

BuddiesI want to cover a serious subject now. Well, not entirely serious but it is important.

Although it is true that we live in relatively enlightened times when it comes to adult entertainment, porn and sex toys there are some things that you don’t discuss with your parents and that parents would prefer not to be totally frank about with their kids.

I’m talking porn here guys.

It’s delicate enough talking about sexual matters with ma and pa, sex toys and adult movies are worse and what happens if you’re not there to explain your collection of hardcore DVDs and dildos?

You need a porn buddy.

The problem is who do you tell and under what circumstances should they let themselves into your house if you meet with an untimely end and discretely dispose of your stash? Tricky one isn’t it.

It’s a problem that does worry me, especially because any porn buddy of ours would have to dispose of a van load of adult material.

Anyone out there already agreed porn buddy status with a friend.