Porn Stash

By | October 23, 2011
Waist Jewellery
I remember finding a stash of porn magazines when I was quite young, maybe 12 years old. Wow, how exciting that was!

Lots and lots of naked female bodies, all very nicely photographed if I remember correctly and very, very 1970s in style. There were stories too, lots of naughty stories, I was in adolescent heaven, even though I was pretty sexually naïve and would have been excited by an old underwear catalogue.

The thing I most vividly remember amongst all the natural unshaven bush was the hippy jewellery, particularly the waist jewellery – sort of blingy belts – that accentuated the naked nymphs displaying their all for me to look at. So you can imagine what my first thought was when I saw this image.