She Wants It Long And Hard

By | August 26, 2008

Thinking about School yesterday has got me remembering a lot about how my attitudes towards sex and the opposite sex have developed. Initially there was of course the confusion that appears as you begin to learn about your body and the bodies of others. I don’t remember either of my parents actually sitting down and giving me the “Birds And The Bees” talk so I had to gather my knowledge from friends and the school sex-ed lessons, which were far too late to be of use for the first few years of my sexual awakening.

Learning about sex from classmates is bound to get you mixed up. It’s like trying to learn how to ride a bike by correspondence course. Having said that sex-ed lessons aren’t much better as the ones that were being dished out when I was at school where dry and removed from real relationships. They were couched in scientific language and given by teachers who quite obviously would have preferred to be in the staff room filling their pipes with Golden Virginia and combing the breakfast crumbs out of their beards.

And that was just the women.

My initial take on sex was that it happened doggy style. Not surprising when you think about it as my only visual clues as to how procreation took place were from wildlife documentaries and animals tend not to do it missionary. At the age of ten this was misconception was dispelled by my best friend who explained about how people did it the other way round. It was only very much later that I discovered that people do it every which way round. LOL

Of course it soon became apparent that people do it for a number of reasons too. And in each circumstance it means different things. But what did become apparent was that blokes were supposed to keep it up for ages and pleasure their ladies before they came. Except if you were just after a quicky. Shit it’s complicated for a kid to understand sex and sexuality.

Personally I always wanted to give the lady a good time. So by the time I got together with Suze any inclination I had to indulge my own carnal urges with a quicky had been suppressed.

When we first got together I would work tirelessly every night. We’d indulge in long sensuous foreplay, fantastic earth shattering sex and long sexy cuddles afterwards. This was all great and cemented our relationship, but as we grew busier and our relationship changed we both realised that its not always what either partner wants. Sometimes you do want a quick thrill to cheer you up, or maybe even as a comforting reaffirmation of your relationship. It doesn’t mean any less than the marathon shags, in fact it may demonstrate your mutual understanding of each other’s needs.

So in case you were wondering women don’t always want it long and hard, all the time. In my experience at least.