Fuck Me You Are Giving Me The Horn

By | August 26, 2008

It’s been a great Bank Holiday weekend, even the weather brightened up in the end giving us a bit of sunshine. Trouble with holidays is that you feel you need to drain every drop of enjoyment from them before returning to work.

I usually end up saying “What the fuck did I do this holiday?”.

Holidays are also a good time to languish in the time you both have together. No coming home from work and not having enough energy to indulge in foreplay. You can stay in bed as long as you like and indulge in pleasures of the flesh without the time constraints of the working day. I love that, to enjoy unrushed sex.

So yesterday afternoon we rushed off upstairs after doing a few chores in the garden, just so we didn’t feel too guilty about not completing some of the jobs we had lined up. After all it’s a lot more fun playing around and fucking. 😉

We both rushed to the bathroom to freshen up, Alex washed me and I washed him. The we rushed off to the bedroom and drew the curtains, me holding my towel around me to avoid flashing the neighbours.

Alex put on our latest acquisition from the Adult Store Maison Erotic from Harmony and then we both slipped on to the bed totally naked except for t-shirts. Alex was in the mood and as soon as we had settled on the bed he was there between my legs.

I love to feel the warm softness of his tongue as he runs it up and down my slit, returning to the top to encircle my clit. The he descends once more and this time raises my ass off the bed slightly as he runs his soft but firm tongue over my perineum. I shudder with the warm stroke of his tongue over my sensitised skin.

But he doesn’t stop there. He lifts me higher and then runs his tongue slowly over my anus. I’m sure I flex at that point, pouting, inviting him to go further. I groan my approval from my pillow. “Is that good?”, he asks raising his head from between my legs to see me mouth the words “Oh fuck yes”.

I feel his breath pass over my left butt cheek as he opens up my ass with the palms of his hands. Was that a tongue or a finger which just massaged my anus? Oh, it was his tongue and I sense him invading me, pushing inside me. Tonguing my entrance. I moan even louder and squirm with delight.

He sucks his finger. Where is that going? Then he pushes gently against my anus, coaxing me to open up and accept him. I’m relaxed and he slips inside me. 😉 He eases up of the bed and on to his knees, his finger still inside me he starts to gently waggle in around.

His cock is hard, it’s there bouncing in front of him calling to me. I reach out and take a firm grip of him between my open legs. He is warm, hard, pulsating and ready for me. I run my finger around the tip of his cock, moistening him with his own precum.

His finger slips from inside my ass and his legs part further. I place my feet on his shoulder, moving closer to his groin and guiding him to my pussy. He is so hard and I want him to fuck me hard. No time is lost as he starts to slap against my ass, pushing deeper with each thrust. I hold on to his forearms which bear down on the mattress for extra purchase.

I start to move to meet his thrusts. The bed is now squeaking and complaining heavily. What was that noise? Was it the bed? I’m momentarily distracted from the good hard fucking I am receiving. There it goes again. It’s a tune I have heard before but not played like that. Then it stops and I feel a sense of relief that I don’t have to listen anymore.

Alex continues to fuck me and I’m so wet. Then the same few bars are played again. It stops…only to start again.

“For fuck’s sake, what is that racket!”, I exclaim. Alex has heard it too and stopped to listen. It was impossible to carry on the stopping and starting of some kind of brass instrument was distracting the both of us so much that we were unable to continue.

It turned out to be our new neighbour over the road. It looks like they are learning the horn or something…I wish I was! 🙁