Cock Maid Required

By | August 27, 2008

When I was younger I wasn’t a girlie girl, I’m still not. I had no interest in dolls or the usual things that girls “should” do Oh, that is apart from dressing up I’ve always enjoyed that. 😉 Still do.

Instead I prefered to join in at football or riding my bike on the dirty track near to my home along with the boys. Or even a game of kiss catch…I was a bloody good runner back then. Lol

I remember wearing my mothers bra and stuffing it with cotton wool balls until I achieve the required shape, pulling on a jumper and then looking at myself in the mirror. In later years I would borrow her clothes, she was very trendy and we were both the same size.

But there is one colour you would not catch me dead in and that’s…

…pink! I hate it, for me it symbolises the traits I find repulsive in women. Squeaky voices and acting dumb, these attributes really turn me off. Women these days have never had so many opportunities to be strong and independent and yet there are still the Playboy Mansion type girls out there who want to be seen to be childlike.

No, there is no way I could even pretend to be like those girls living with Heff and don’t get me wrong most of those girls know exactly what they are doing and one in particular (his favourite) has a very good business head on her shoulders.

Suze just wasn’t a pink girl. And along with the pink girl came the interest in horses. I for one have never been drawn to them. Just once did I attempt to ride on a friends horse and it took no notice of my attempts to steer it. In the end it got pissed of with me trying and made its way back in to the stables with me still on its back. Lol

I had the grazes running down the underside of my chin and neck for days to prove the me and horses just don’t mix. So after that event it was hardly surprising that I just could not see the point in the My Little Pony brigade.

That was until just a few days ago. Alex was working on site for a customer and got chatting with a member of staff about her interest in horses. She apparently owns her own. They were talking about her horse for some time and I’m not sure how they got on to the subject but she told him something I have never heard before.

She Not only grooms her horse but she has to clean its dick too. I nearly wretched just thinking about it when he told me. But yes, apparently they have to clean a horse’s cock if it is not a stud horse because it gets gunked up. I can just hear you all going Errrrrrrgh! Lol

Now it all makes sense why some of my friends enjoyed horse riding so much. We were all eager to see what a cock looked like. They must have been in for quite a shock when they saw their first boyfriend’s 😉