Cum Covered Wet Bush

By | November 1, 2011

OrgasmWe get sent hours of porn to view and review on DVD. We make our way steadily through it. The only problem is that we have to stop part way through for a shag, which makes the DVDs last even longer.

It’s a side effect of porn that watching it makes you want to take part in it. 😉 At this rate, the stop starting is going to add quite a number of additional hours on to the whole process. Not that I’m complaining. Can you imagine if you had to censor them, you would have to slip off to the toilet on a regular basis to “relieve” yourself. Lol

Tonight we watch a rather naive DVD in many ways, one of them being that they had obviously studied the American format and applied it to their production and the other that some of the girls had bushes reminiscent of the 80’s. Dark brown and hairy.

We have all become used to the well trimmed and topiaried contemporary styles, if indeed there is any hair there at all. So in a way it was a refreshing change to see a full bush of pubic hair of the girls.

I know it’s trimmed and shaved for a reason these days, one of them being so the camera can get close up and see all the comings and goings. Plus lets not forget that just like the guy shaving around his cock a bald fanny adds length.

But I was pleasantly reminded of my bushy days when I noticed one of the girl had droplets of come in her bush. They stood out against the matt or dark brown hair. A trip back in time and an enjoyable one.

Right, now back to my viewing. Lol