It’s All Bollocks And Sex Position Of The Day

By | November 2, 2011

Good Morning BallsI usually go to gym every other morning and if I’m at home in the morning I usually opt to watch Jeremy Kyle, he’s my guilty secret.  Well, perhaps not any more as I’ve now shared it with all of you reading this post.

Because I take that hour out of my morning I usually like to get straight back on it when the show has finished.  Mistake!  I seem to miss one of the most controversial shows on in the morning.

And just what show would that be?

This Morning, on ITV.  It’s been mentioned by me several times now and every time I miss out on the naughty bits and have to make do with reading about them in the press.  I did tune in a couple of weeks ago just to see if they were featuring anything interesting and you guessed it, the show was mundane.

I’ve just read in The Sun that today’s show highlighted the need for men to ensure they check their testicles, for their testicular cancer awareness drive.  You can read all about it and what else they have been up to here.