Having Some Anal Fun

By | November 2, 2011

Tight PussyLast night I went out with the girls, something I haven’t done in far too long.  We had a good meal at the Italian restaurant and then went to see a show.

And while we were out having a good time Alex stayed at home awaiting my call to pick me up later in the evening, thus saving me the cost of a taxi home.  He’s so thoughtful.  Lol

Now what does a guy get up to when left home alone.  Well most would perhaps indulge in some internet porn but he doesn’t need to do that because our house if full of it as we review DVD’s for the industry.  😉

No, Alex decided work all night and then to engage in a little anal play and some prostate massage when I got home.  We have been sent a proto type product by luxury toy manufacturer Nexus.

It’s called the Revo and quite unlike any other product currently on the market.  It features a rotating head which massages the prostate and I’m reliably informed by Alex feels good.

You can read his review of the Nexus Revo over here